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October 15th 2023
Updates to the 23-24 closure dates for the Midford - Wellow path.
July 16th 2022
Updates to the 22-23 closure dates for the Midford - Wellow path.
December 12th 2021
Picked up the campaign for the axed Bristol to Waterloo trains.
December 6th 2021
Obituary for the Bristol to Waterloo services. For now...
November 2nd 2021
Statement on the Salisbury derailment of October 31st.
To October 30th 2021
Updates to, yes, the campaign to retain and improve Bristol-Waterloo trains, strengthening the emphasis that this may involve... lawyers (Equality Act 2010 and also potential interest from the Competition and Markets Authority).
To October 15th 2021
Several updates to the campaign to retain and improve Bristol-Waterloo trains, including links to the petition and meeting details.
October 1st 2021
2021 - 2022 Midford - Wellow closure dates.
September 23rd 2021
Added campaign subsite for Bristol - Waterloo trains via Salisbury.
To May 20th 2021
Hotel clarification added to directions page. :-)
To May 2nd 2021
Software integrity test update. :-)
To October 26th 2020
Edits, including 2020-21 Midford-Wellow closure dates.
To October 14th 2019
Edits, including 2019-20 Midford-Wellow closure dates.
To April 20th 2019
Edits, spruced a few facts.
To October 22nd 2018
Edits, including to the Volunteer page.
To October 18th 2018
Edits, added a guest link to the foot of the home page to flag the sale of a Thames camping skiff.
To October 6th 2018
Edits, including to the Midford-Wellow closure page.
To October 2nd 2018
Edits, including to the volunteers page.
To March 22nd 2018
Edits, including to the volunteers page and announcing the reopening of the Packhorse pub.
To February 21st 2018
Edits, including to the volunteers page.
To January 26th 2018
Edits, including to the volunteers page.
To October 17th 2017
Edits, including to the volunteers page.
To September 17th 2017
Edits, redirected the 'Volunteer' page to the volunteers Facebook group.
To February 12th 2017
Edits, including updates to the News page to reflect Bellotts Bridge opening.
To February 7th 2017
Edits, including alterations to links to the Packhorse at South Stoke, from 'Sadly closed' to 'Soon to be reopened'.
To January 8th 2017
Edits, including added details of the winter work parties to the volunteers page.
To October 15th
Edits, including added details of the forthcoming October work party to the volunteers page.
To October 10th
Edits, including added details of the forthcoming October work party to the volunteers page.
To September 27th 2016
Edits, including to the volunteers page.
To August 14th 2016
Edits, added a link to the B&NES promotional film for the route.
To August 2nd 2016
Edits, added the 2016-17 dates for the Wellow path closure. Also 2016-17 provisional dates for proposed volunteer work parties.
To March 19th 2016
Edits, also, to the 'News' Page, added Network Rail's advice on the reopening date for Bellotts Road Bridge.
To March 2nd 2016
Fixes, also added the March 6th Commemoration Ride to the volunteer page.
To February 27th 2016
Two Tunnels web site refreshed to reflect the that the route is largely a going concern and to tell the story of the campaign. That's a campaign that's not done yet of course.
To January 28th 2016
Edits, including to Volunteer events page ...
To November 16th 2015
Edits, including to Volunteer events page ...
August 9th 2015
Midford to Wellow 2015-16 closure dates.
To August 7th 2015
Edits, and updates to volunteer event page.
March 24th 2015
Updates to volunteer event page. Removed Midford to Wellow past closure dates (and we're seeking the dates for late 2015 and will sling 'em when we have them.)
February 18th 2015
Updates to Sustrans volunteer group activity page. Also fixed some links as some of the old campaign stuff seemed to have been staked. Possibly on purpose ...
January 15th 2015
Updates to Sustrans volunteer group activity page.
January 1st 2015
On the home page, new photo for the new year.
December 24th 2014
Christmas card + lyncombe vale animation.
To November 10th 2014
Edits, including another 'extra' work party on November 15th.
To November 4th 2014
Edits, including an 'extra' work party on November 8th.
To October 20th 2014
Edits, including Midford to Wellow closure update (NCN's closed for a week for resurfacing works).
To September 22nd 2014
Edits, including '2014 Two Tunnels Railway Races' info.
To August 3rd 2014
Many edits, including Bikebath stuff in and out, improved small screen navigation ...
April 25th 2014
Replacement code of conduct, Midford to Wellow closure dates 2013-15
April 13th 2014
Notes from the final meeting of the Two Tunnels steering group, 31st March 2013.
March 31st 2014
Edits, news of dates for some future work parties.
January 22nd 2014
January 25th volunteer work parties.
January 10th 2014
Updates to the info for volunteer work party.
22nd December 2013
Edited the info for forthcoming work parties.
30th November 2013
Added notes from the 19th November steering group.
19th November 2013
Edits including index page photo and volunteer event page.
22nd October 2013
Added the 27th October work party to the volunteer events list.
5th October 2013
5th September steering group notes added along with usage data.
7th August 2013
News of the Great Pig Hunt 2013!
19th July 2013
Information on Combe Down Tunnel's own artwork: 'Passage'. There's more to follow ...
12th July 2013
Info on 'Passage' - the artwork in Combe Down Tunnel.
26th June 2013
Notes added from June 17th steering group.
To 24th June 2013
Edits, including to directions page + replaced version 1 Sustrans leaflet PDF with version 2. Updates to volunteer events page.
To 11th June 2013
Edits, also added BikeBath info.
7th May 2013
Edits, added steering group notes from 13th May 2013 ...
7th May 2013
Edits, replaced home page image ...
24th April 2013
Edits, including retired from the main menu the set of pages dealing with the opening ..
10th April 2013
Edits, added a pdf of Sustrans 2013 route map leaflet (7 megabytes).
To 7th April 2013
Edits, to reflect that the route is now open.
To 3rd April 2013
Edits, + band info.
26th March 2013
Press pack extended
17th March 2013
'What's open' page updated.
15th March 2013
Notes from the 11th March steering group
10th March 2013
Edits and GPX files added - route information including that from Bath's Newbridge park and ride to the opening festival. Also news of our 23rd March need for volunteers
28th February 2013
Edits and new page added with volunteer information for the opening day.
15th February 2013
4th February steering group notes and also corrections to the Somerset and Dorset staff page and amendments to the stallholders info page.
14th February 2013
Edits, also improved information for prospective stallholders now on opening day resource. Photo of Dartmouth Avenue bridge to home page
28th January 2013
Info added on the opening day, April 6th 2013, and also opening event info for S&D Railway Staff
1st January 2013
Edits ...
24th December 2012
Added 2012 christmas greeting to the home page, also edits.
17th December 2012
Added the 3rd December steering group notes.
16th December 2012
Added the S&D loco crews' group to the list of supporters ...
To 15th December 2012
Edits to reflect progress
4th September 2012
Added a map (from the council) of the route crossing the Lower Bristol Road
21st August 2012
We've successfully recruited people to be involved in the August 2012 video project, but keep an eye on the Two Tunnels route for other opportunities in the future ...
9th August 2012
Various updates including SG meeting notes from 30th July and if you're between 12 and 17, an opportunity to get involved in a video project - and for everyone, an opportunity to involve yourself in volunteer work on the Yate to Bristol to Bath path link - here's more on both of these.
21st June 2012
News on the impending start of work on the Two Tunnels route itself ...
26th May 2012
Notes from the 20th May steering group
To 19th May 2012
Updates, including edits to bridges pages to reflect progress.
To 28th March 2012
Updates, including notes from 20th March steering group.
To 20th March 2012
Updates, including to bridges page.
23rd January 2012
20th January steering group notes.
18th January 2012
Explanatory and interpretive info on the bridges page.
To 10th January 2012
Various fixes, tweaks to the menu to add separate links to blog and timeline from main web site, having separated blog and timeline into two blog pages, reciprocal page from blog.
1st January 2012
The Two Tunnels Project has moved from the campaign phase to the build phase, contents of the website have been adjusted to reflect this.
28th December
Trialling BBedit in place of Homesite 3 ...
24th December
Amendment to date of next steering group meeting (20th January), edits to bridges page, and a christmas image for the home page.
13th December
Steering group notes from the 18th November meeting.
28th November
Bit fed up of boxiness, hence radius on many corners. After all, the tunnels aren't boxy ...
23rd November
Sustrans held a public consultation for the residents of Widcombe and Lyncombe Vale regarding the proposed ramp access between the route and Lyncombe Vale Road. Heree's two PDFs containing comments received from local people, and Sustrans responses.
1st October
Steering group notes 16th September meeting ...
8th September
Two Tunnels Ride to Radstock and Combe Down Matinee registration form now live.
6th September
September 24th visit to 5 arches opening.
8th August
edits ...
9th July
Edit to menu to make timeline (Project Plan) easy to find. Minutes of July Steering group meeting.
27th April
Update on the bridges planning applications, now successful.
27th March
Amended some old information. But this shouldn't have taken so long that we have old information! The entire line was built in two years, would that the Two Tunnels route has not taken 5 years (and counting) to put into place.
14th March
css3 text shadows added to various elements throughout site. No more vampires ...
9th March
Updated home page, and route ride news added
18th February
Notes for the 18th February steering group meeting
2nd February
Twitter link added (to web site and to the blog, which sees a lot of the action at the moment)
29th December
Note added to home page about the impending surfacing work to Linear Park.
12th December
Various edits and a link to the new Strawberry Line Cafe, find it at Yatton on the ... Strawberry line path.
6th December
Edits to the bridges page. Link to Frome's campaign to get onto the national cycle network.
8th November
Planning application info for the two bridges added.
21st October
Steering group minutes for the meeting from the 15th October added to web site.
10th October
Various minor edits.
8th August
Three more images from the creation of Linear Park added to the gallery page.
1st August
Three more images from the creation of Linear Park added to the gallery page.
2nd July
Added 5 images from Phil Marshall - from the interior of the tunnel, with thanks for permission to display them.
22nd July
Added 5 images from Phil Marshall - from the interior of the tunnel, with thanks for permission to display them.
19th July
Thanks page!
2nd July
Tunnel open day info and booking form
11th June
Some minor edits.
25th May
Some minor edits. Information on how to donate to the Two Tunnels project in preparation.
5th May
News of the 29th May route walk
14th April
9th April Steering Group notes.
7th April
Two Tunnels Sustrans volunteer info.
10th March
RSS feed from blog on home page.
7th March
Info on the start of work ceremony.
25th February
Steering group minutes from the 19th February meeting
22nd February - Two Tunnels blog
To help keep supporters informed of the progress with the route, visit the construction blog.
17th February - Two Tunnels business case decision
From B&NES and in favour of the route.
31st January - route ride and walk
Thanks to everyone who came along on the walk, good to meet up with faces old and new, we really enjoyed it and hope you did too! To help visualise the lost viaduct at Twerton, here's a pair of photos - the nineteen sixties image courtesy of John Yeo below a photo of the present day scene. Off-topic stuff? The film clip of the French 'Aerotrain' that some of us discussed at the Hope and Anchor can be found here. More on the Aerotrain here. 20 kilometres of the test track for the Aerotrain survives virtually unbroken, north of Orléans, France.
To January 24th 2010
Brief page on the Single Member Decision issue
To January 14th 2010
Route ride: January 30th
To January 5th 2010
Winter image from Lyncombe Vale on the home page, link to gallery of photos of the line in the snow.
To November 24th 2009
Three surprising photos, including two of the line in Lyncombe Vale, added to the gallery page.
To October 22nd
A steady rain of steering group notes ...
To May 28th
Combe Down Tunnel open day now confirmed for June 27th.
To May 14th
Recent steering group minutes now reinstated on news page. A change to the site may have enabled the fixed menu in IE7 and 8 but at the cost of somewhat messing things up for IE7. That version's not going to be around as long as this web site ...
To April 6th
New gallery for committee
To March 12th
News of the March 28th route walk and ride
To January 6th
Minor edits: general optimism.
To December 15th
Various edits, building strength for a rant if necessary, see the home page. Notes from December 15th's steering group added as well.
To December 4th
Various edits, mostly to do with pigs, partly to do with the impending restart of works on the route.
September 29th
Various updates including to pigs page, to home page to reflect the auction, to the News page so that it better carries the steering group minutes.
September 12th
A report from Bath and North East Somerset reaffirms their commitment to the Two Tunnels route, and suggests various mechanisms to ensure a low risk build phase. Note that this will now inform a decision to be made by a single member of the cabinet.
August 12th
Page with news of Devonshire Buildings' little fundraising event that could ... and did.
August 9th - 12th
Problems with a RAID disk at our isp broke the web site. Apologies if you looked for it and found rubble instead.
August 3rd
Alas no dramatic physical progress on the route yet, but things do seem to be going in the right direction owing to work behind the scenes in various directions. Meanwhile the King Bladuds Pigs are certainly going in the right direction, most of them, and we're very grateful to the organisers of that public art project for their initiative which is generating so much support for the community resource that will be the Two Tunnels Route. News as we have it, on the 'Route contruction' page
June 16th
Support message from chair of B&NES PCT trust noted on supporters page. Link to Frank's video of the route posted to 'Gallery' page.
June 3rd
With pigs appearing all across Bath and North East Somerset, an update to our King Bladud's Pigs page.
June 1st
Various updates and tweaks to the site. Home page recast and a King Bladud's Pig makes an overdue appearance there.
May 8th
Planning permission was granted on May 8th - with conditions - which are believed to be workable and practical.
May 6th
Project outline plan (pdf) for Two Tunnels route, dated April 2008.
April 22nd
The 'Bath in Time' web site has received a donation of over 80 exceptional images from the countryside around Bath in the nineteen sixties and seventies - and many feature the last days of the Somerset and Dorset railway in its landscape. This is an exceptional collection of images and the site owner has kindly allowed us use of two of the images on our gallery page - do visit the 'Bath in Timeexternal link web site for the remainder.
April 4th
Two images added to the gallery - both from the early seventies. One of the trackbed beneath Claude Avenue bridge, the other taken from within Devonshire Tunnel looking out to Maple Avenue bridge. (Credit John Rawlings private collection)
March 21st
New route construction page.
March 10th
We're working to close the funding gap - so this is on the home page for the time being. We're also looking forward to the 15th March work party.
Feb 4th
News of our impending talk at the BRLSI and an edit or two.
Jan 28th
Added links to Blady and the rotating image of same ...
Jan 20th
Removed Bizrate advertising, so long and thanks for the fish, great help to the campaign.
Jan 8thish
Various updates to record start of construction phase and report on steering group meeting
Dec 16th
Connect2 has landed!
November 30th 2007
We have planning permission!
November 25th 2007
Updated the 'Last mile' pages with the news of its somewhat meteoric rate of sale in the Raven ....
November 19th 2007
Last Mile - the official campaign beer - now has its own page.
November 14th 2007
Various edits, added a link from the projects long standing supporter NJB Masonry external link. Other surprises in the offing, please revisit ...
November 6th 2007
Home page and various others changed to reflect the importance of the Connect2 vote and its connection to the Two Tunnels route. Javascript countdown clock added. Code added to the start of all pages to negate IE6's text selection bug. Menu changed to include magnetic million button. ITV film clip pushed up the page. Link to FacebookTwo Tunnels group.
October 23rd 2007
News added of Connect2 reaching the final four ...
October 6th 2007
Style sheet tweak ...
October 1st 2007
Updates to news page from the open day - Thursday 27th September 2007 - now starting to contain photos.
September 29th 2007
News from the open day - Thursday 27th September 2007
September 11th 2007
Additional information and booking form for the 27th September open day available from the event information page.
September 11th 2007
News of the date that the planning application will go to committee (i.e. 31st October). Also, an information page on the September 27th Combe Down Tunnel open day.
August 4th 2007
Quick check on the state of non validation of the html code for the site. Plenty to do there ... it's now somewhat better, and most of what's bad is in the statcounter code ... for the most part :-)
July 31st 2007
Combe Down Tunnel longitudinal section provided for the gallery by kind permission of the Somerset and Dorset Railway Trust.
July 30th 2007
Welcome message put up for the fans of Midford Castle :-)
July 17th 2007
More contributors images for the Picnic at Tunnel Gulch page.
July 11th 2007
The Gallery page now has a novel panoramic view of the route of the path.
To July 11th 2007
Frequent updates to the 'Tunnel open day' page
To July 7th 2007
We've images from the 6th July 'Picnic at Tunnel Gulch' event now on the site, linked from the gallery page among others. We'd be grateful for any other images from this day, please advise via email.
To July 5th 2007
Info and final updates for the July 6th event.
June 26th 2007
Advance notice of Combe Down Tunnel visit - see the site home page for now. Updates imminent ...
June 24th 2007
Updates to the 'Current position' page. Note of visit added to the news page.
June 14th 2007
Various edits ...
May 9th 2007
Scrapbook page from 24th March Route Ride added.
May 3rd 2007
Various ongoing updates, including less thrilling stuff such as the reorganisation of our committee/steering group names - 'The committee' being now the name of the support group's organising committee - the 'Steering group' is now the joint body formed from members from Sustrans/Bath and North East Somerset/The support group who will deliver the completed project ... to the more exciting stuff such as the date of the next route ride (26th May)
April 3rd 2007
Edits, added Arbres Tree Surgery as supporters, added a temporary link to my help pages
March 25th 2007
Route ride page updated with news from the March 24th event.
March 22nd 2007
Route Ride page updated with additional info about the March 24th ride
March 15th 2007
New link to Bath Sustrans Path Rangers Group from the supporters page.
March 14th 2007
Direct link to project mapping added to sidestep a failure of most web browsers to cope with the planning web site
March 3rd 2007
Improved information on the home page. Major announcement on the news page regarding the planning application for the path, which is now with the local authority and available from their web site. Added Monkton Combe School to the list of supporters.
February 2007
Various additions as things develop ...
January 13th 2007
Minutes of December Sustrans/Bathnes/Two Tunnels Steering Group meeting are now on the web site.
January 13th 2007
Two tunnels, and now 6 arches. NRgy's web site promotes a plan to create a further section of the railway route using two severed lengths of currently poor quality path in Radstock/Midsomer Norton.
November 17th 2006
New image from Linear Park from 1976. Mailing list membership stands at 175.
January 13th 2006
Minutes of December Sustrans/Bathnes/Two Tunnels Steering Group meeting are now on the web site.
November 17th 2006
New image from Linear Park from 1976. Mailing list membership stands at 175.
November 16th 2006
Images back on Zetnet after their webmaster sorted out a space problem for us. News of redesigned and reprinted leaflets - and the site is carrying an unobtrusive banner advert to help offset their cost (having checked 'Bizrate', the organisation concerned ...)
November 10th 2006
Added images and news of Tucking Mill Viaduct deck clearance. At the other end of the day fixed a broken image link, fixed the link to the Americal rail trails study that broke, and then moved all images except stylesheet graphics off Zetnet server for the time being to give things room to breathe.
November 7th 2006
Edits to the 'Sections' page, emphasising that Devonshire Tunnel is not open to the public at present, being owned by British Rail (Residuary) Ltd, who have kindly agreed to transfer ownership to the local authority or Sustrans in a timely fashion.

Also, changes to the Linear Park section of that page, emphasising the need for the path design to accommodate all users of what will be a shared path.
October 26th 2006
We've an autumn newsletter.
September 2nd 2006
A few minor edits and links, including B&NES guidance on use of shared paths - be Path Wise.
August 6th 2006
Added a note that we now have over a hundred members in the new Yahoogroup supporters list (Please help make this over 500!).

Also rearranged the web page footer somewhat, adding a strapline 'A sustainable tourism initiative for Bath'. Then changed that to "Soon to be the number 1 sustainable tourism initiative for Bath" ... of course, the path will also be a brilliant local resource for residents.

Also changed the line height on all pages to render the text more readable and added a link to the 'Strawberry line' path on our 'Links' page.
August 3rd 2006
News of the August 1st working party
August 1st 2006
Corrected details of ownership of Devonshire Tunnel
July 25th 2006
The proposed open day for Combe Down Tunnel on September 9th will not now happen owing to various concerns from the tunnel's owners.
July 14th 2006
Two new additions to the Gallery page - rare images of the creation of Linear Park in 1973
July 12th 2006
Mailing list pages updated to reflect changes to supporters group email list. We've switched suppliers from Google to Yahoogroups. Google was reliable, but Yahoogroups allows us additional features, including a 'Messages from listowners option that's configurable by members.
July 9th 2006
News from the path, some news on proposed changes to the mailing list, and a new Links page.
June 24th 2006
Minutes of the first Two Tunnels Working Group meeting on July 12th at Bath's Guildhall. Other updates including to the news page.
June 7th 2006
More supporters on the supporters page ...
May 29th 2006
Link to aerial images of the path in the Gallery and a gradient profile of the 'Two tunnels' section of the original Somerset and Dorset line.
May 14th 2006
Sound clip from BBC Bristol radio interview
April 20th 2006
We've a Spring Newsletter and have gathered messages about the importance of the path from our support group
March 18th 2006
Amended instructions for using our mailing list
March 15th 2006
John Yeo has kindly provided some images of the path from the time when it was a working line from his private collection and we've added them to our gallery.
March 12th 2006
A member of the Association of British Fungus Groups kindly identified our mystery (but common) fungus for us ...
March 8th 2006
We've a gallery of images from our launch weekend ...
March 7th 2006
News of how the weekend's events went ... with more to follow ... additions to the supporters list page
March 3rd 2006
Minor edit to the 'Progress' page to record the meeting with Sustrans and B&NES 'On the path' today. More news when we have it ... the Google group now has 54 members ...
February 21st 2006
Changes to the menu to help stop bustage in Internet Explorer. Slight tweak to the site and a background graphic to stop it looking so rectangular. Link to outstanding pages on German shared use paths with tunnels from Achim Bartoschek and an update on the progress meeting from the 20th. Honourable mention of the 'Royal Oak' public house - we've now realised it's that which anchors the northern end of the Two Tunnels shared path - not the Western Riverside Development. Silly us.
February 19th 2006
Improved 'Supporters' section with more info, and a new 'Ifs & Buts' page. We've been gathering a series of questions from members of the public and from supporters, so we've now a page with info on these topics.
February 10th 2006
Improved mapping for the site. News of planning involved to raise profile of this project with the public. Supporters - you now have a distinct menu section to recognise your contribution to this and help locate information for you.
January 28th 2006
Renewed mapping for the route, courtesy of the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service and reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.
January 17th 2006
New Gallery page with two photos of Tucking Mill Viaduct under construction
New for January 2006
Edits, tweaks to colours and accessability, also link to new PDF for poster (since pulled, we have better artwork now and are preparing a web version ...) to promote two tunnels route, site moved to Zetnet - and domain launched
Summer 2005
Two Tunnels web site launch as a subsite on Bath Spa University's bicycle user group site

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