Bath Spa - Waterloo direct trains


Please sign the campaign petition to parliament in support of this popular train service
Find the petition here and view a map of signatures by parliamentary constituency here - even if you don't use this service, it's one of a (redacted) list of five, and if this closure succeeds, the train you use may be next.

People who may have an interest in signing.

This petition isn't just for people who use the popular train service between Waterloo and Bristol. Help boost its numbers: think about the following:

Your train service may be threatened next
This is just one of a list of five services, and if the first closure succeeds, the next on the list may be in danger.
Ask family to sign.
Ditto. Trains bring people together. These trains make it easier to meet up.
People to whom long walks / stairs / the Underground are obstacles, or who use a wheelchair
A through train is much better than a journey involving... two changes.
People travelling with young children
Change-free journeys are much easier, as are the class 159 trains that allow a child to stay in a pushchair.
These trains are the most convenient option for travel between destinations in South London, the likes of Basingstoke and Andover, to Bath and Bristol.
Whether you're in South London, Woking, Basingstoke, Warminster, Westbury Bradford-on-Avon, Bath or Bristol, these trains bring customers to your business.
If you drive and use the A303 or M25
Rail alternative = less road traffic = better journey for you.
If you value through trains that don't particularly fit the footprint of a rail franchise
Bath has lost a list of well used through services to various destinations including to Oxford, to Birmingham, Stockport, Manchester, Liverpool and even Edinburgh. Support the retention of the direct trains between Bristol and Waterloo, and you'll be safeguarding others. The next that may be under threat, locally, are the direct trains between Cardiff and Brighton that run via Bath...

Help this succeed, point people and organisations to the petition.

Unlike many others on the parliamentary petition site, we don't care about the '10,000 goal for a response' (though 10,000 or 100,000 would be good).

Passenger numbers for these trains, without Covid, is likely to be 60,000 per annum, though many will be repeat journeys as the service's value is proved by use.

This petition, at 650 signatures, will demonstrate to decision makers that the trains are valued and that there's support for them. Please sign it, change the map and help the rail service develop.

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