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Aboard the 16:20 from Waterloo, east of SalisburyUsers of the trains, in their own words.

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"Bradford on Avon is a growing town which pre and post Covid is a great user of the local train service, both for commuting and for the growing number of entrepreneurs, and for leisure trips, to London.
When the direct service between Bradford on Avon and London Waterloo was threatened back in 2006, the reaction was immediate and decisive. The town wished the direct route to be retained.
The town's community is a great walking, cycling and train using one, and it seems detrimental to the Government's environmental plans to hinder the use of the train services for longer distances rather than using the car. The Great Western Railway does not run any direct services on this route and the waiting time can be as long as nearly an hour when changing trains at Salisbury and Westbury. Cutting direct services from a thriving and growing town to London Waterloo hardly seems to be the right thing to do if there is going to be an integrate travel plan for the country going forward.."
"I used the Waterloo train from Bath recently to go up to London to visit the galleries, particularly Tate Britain, which is much more easily reached from Waterloo than Paddington. The only downside I can see is the lack of a trolley service meaning M&S get the money instead!"
"I can get around on foot, but a neuropathy affects my ability to walk quickly and to tackle stairs. These trains make it far easier and a little safer for me to travel between Bristol, Bath and London Waterloo."
"It's so nice to sit comfortably without worrying about changing trains."
"These trains are a real lifeline when travelling with heavy luggage etc. as well as affordable and accessible, so well used by older passengers, students and those with young children."
"When delivering IT courses at a location in Bermondsey, I found driving into London slow, and I usually took the train into Waterloo and walked across the night before the course started, stayed for the course duration and travelled home on the evening train at the end of the course. Journey a bit slower than via Paddington,but gave me quality time to revise my topic on the way up and relax on the way home."
"I use the through trains from Bradford on Avon to Waterloo to travel on to Orpington in Kent via Waterloo East. This whole journey used to take a few minutes under 4 hours. The loss of the morning train means it takes me just on 5 hours because there is nearly one hour's wait at Salisbury, there no longer being a through train, nor a sensible connection."
Living and working in Andover, with occasional appointments in Trowbridge these trains have been a godsend. So much better than with a change of trains in Salisbury, often involving a long wait; I try to avoid the trip if I can when there's no through train.
My mum and my niece and her husband who all live in Keynsham used to use the Waterloo train around 0900 from Keynsham and 1920 back from Waterloo.

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