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Two Tunnels: Waterloo train service campaign lead: Mark Annand

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Mark Annand. Photo credit @confluentiousAs a one time regular user of the Bristol to Waterloo trains I'm in a position to appreciate what they offer the people of the communities at which they call.
From conversations with people aboard the trains, I know that their pricing enabled many users of these services to use rail travel at all, that they appreciated their ease of use, flexibility and that they delivered their passengers to where they needed to be.
Users of these trains deserved far better treatment than to find them axed before that decision has even been put through the formal channels for consultation. One such channel is provided by Transport Focus, an organisation funded by the Department for Transport, but which needs to be seen to be able to act independently to support the needs of passengers. Its response? To the effect: 'We can't concern ourselves with timetables.'
If they had been reinstated in full in December '21 the Bristol - Waterloo trains would certainly have attracted new passengers to the railway - for the long term good of the people of the communities they served and for the railway network. This would also have allowed sufficient time to alter the timetable and train provision to mitigate their loss

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