Two Tunnels Greenway

Two Tunnels Greenway - Code of Conduct

All Users please

Share the path so that everyone can enjoy it
Keep to the left
Leave no litter
Respect the privacy of adjoining properties and landowners
Be courteous and patient with other path users, particularly children
Be aware that mobility scooters may use the path. Motor cycles and horses are prohibited

Walkers please

Avoid spreading out across the width of the path
Be aware that others may wish to overtake you

Cyclists please

Control your speed: our shared use path is for sharing not speeding
Be careful on downhill sections
Take care when passing other users
Slow down on narrow stretches or if you cannot see clearly ahead
Be particularly careful at junctions or places where visibility may be poor
Use a bell to let other users know that you are approaching
Do not assume people can see or hear you approaching
Use lights when visibility is poor

Dog Walkers please

Keep dogs under control
Keep dogs on a lead when using the tunnels
Clear up after your dog

Sustrans: 31 March 2014

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